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Connie Divers Bradley began her writing career when, for 3 years as a contributing columnist to one of Chicago's daily newspapers, her provocative commentaries on racism made her a popular target of controversy. Later, after retiring from the U. S. Post Office, Connie returned to her first love and has since authored 3 well-received books.

Currently, this street-wise scribe spends her time contemplating life and seeking wisdom through meditation. Reading, writing, surfing the Net, watching TV, and playing cards also keep her busy along with being a essayist on a discussion board located at

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"THE ONLY ONE", an urban tale of romance, is now available on line! This exciting new release is a novel about an interracial love triangle that will put the advice of popular relationship guru, Steve Harvey, to shame. This is not your grandfather’s staid book. It's your grandmother's hot novel, a delicious slice of black life, serving up conflicted characters with appetites for lust, and cravings for romance, not to mention a taste for violence! SEE MORE!

Celeste Evans is smart, attractive, and single. She is also burnt out. But when superfine Troy Briggs appears on the scene, her romantic hopes are re-ignited despite his showing a preference for Debbie Marlowe, their blond, blue-eyed co-worker. Not to be outdone, once this plucky “Sistergirl” decides to compete with a perky “Barbie doll” for the sexy gaze of a “color-blind brotha”, things get interesting. Also on the look-out, is a vicious serial killer who has his own way of dealing with the rocky road to love, and Celeste Evans has caught his eye! Full of humor, suspense, and plot twists, “The Only One” is a compelling novel that explores the complicated relationships that define black love.
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The anatomy of a novel



Any book begins with inspiration. The ongoing triangle that puts black women in competition with white ones for the affection of black men was mine. It’s a topic I’ve never read a book about so I became motivated to write The Only One, a novel based on this scenario. I wasn’t sure where this subject would lead me but, equipped with my personal observations and input from my children and their friends, I sat down at my computer, placed my fingers on its keyboard, accessed its word processor and got on the same wave length with my Muse.

 The first step was to conjure up a cast of characters to star in this little melodrama, and this involved crafting the roles they would play in the plot. Once that was done, I visualized how they’d look and tried out names on them until they answered to what I called them. As soon as I started putting words in their mouths, these people came to life, steering me to where they needed to go.

 Settling on a “sista” as my protagonist was what determined the book’s setting. A big city environment pulsating with the uniqueness of the black experience was what made Chicago the perfect choice.

 Then, I got into the flow and let the words have their say. Realizing the value of taking a break, from time to time I would do so, then return to the manuscript with a new set of eyes. This was how I eventually recognized the need for a sub-plot that would add an element of suspense and keep things interesting. Filling this void called for a villain and he emerged from the shadows of my imagination, grabbing his crotch.

 With this addition, more inspiration kicked in guiding me toward the technique for creating a mystery by inserting misleading clues to stump the reader.

 Finally as one chapter led into another, all the scattered parts came together completing the jigsaw puzzle that had been waiting to be assembled by the creative process that turns a writer into an author, and an idea into a book whose story has been told.

Months later, I held the latest version of The Only One in my hands. It was fresh off the press and it was if it vibrated with life!


  • Review of The Only One

Refreshing, poetic, sarcastically humorous, easy flowing, relatable, classy are the immediate words that come to mind for the book The Only One. The characters were enjoyable and relatable.

Celeste maintained such self- control when dealing with her own emotions from rejection. Observing the man of her desires skip across her like a lily-pad in a pond he needed to cross in order to reach the blond damsel in distress running through the floral field of privilege over yonder.

Celeste with class defied the stereotype response i.e. ghetto fabuloso drama and is actually more representative of more women I know.
Everyone has at least one Yolanda (I prefer a few) in their life or at least they should just so there is no schizophrenic labeling when the need arises for that other self, the one unrealized and smothered by our routine selves. A complementary persona is what makes friends, friends.The
twists with Albert, Purvis and Susie were very well done and kept me wanting to read more. I actually sprayed my coffee. “Yolanda sprayed out her drink. ‘Nigga, what is your name?’ she choked.”The
book is written in a style my personality can appreciate with just enough description to paint the picture especially the sexual sections but not too much as to overwhelm the story and become porn. Connie, your wording is laced with sarcastic humor that I love and find hilarious! “What advice would be offered she wondered when, upon meeting your new supervisor, your coochie hiccoughed” LMAO!!! 
The Only One, left me feeling as if the challenges of the dating scene lie in maintaining self-love and self-control no matter the outcome of the relationships. Taking care and finding peace with THE ONLY ONE guaranteed to be with us is mandatory. In doing so the universe sees this and like a mirror reflects.
   Welcome back, Troy!
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"The Only One" by Connie Divers Bradley, received rave ratings from all 12 members of YOU GO, GIRL, BOOK CLUB and the following critique was excerpted from their newsletter: "It was a combination of love story, betrayal, mystery, murder with everything pulled together nicely in the end. The book stayed focused and on point. Most members found the serial killer’s identity to be a surprise. We are awaiting the next release from Connie, our own writer-in-residence. All in all, her engrossing novel rated 5 stars!" * * * * *

Thanks for dropping in. I hope purchasing a copy of "The Only One" makes your "to-do" list.

Connie Divers Bradley

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